The Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2014

2014 has been a great year for the Smartphone lovers. All new devices with ample of Apps at disposal. We have finally found out some good news for the gadget lovers. Here is an awesome read on the the 65 best Smartphone Health & Fitness Apps of 2014. Go thought them and chose the one which suits best to your regime. For example if you are very calorie conscious on your food intake habits plus do a lot of walking and running. We suggest you to try Healthifyme which suites your regime. For rest regime you can have a quick look on all the apps listed below on the link and choose the best for yourself. Leave a reply if you are looking for advice. We are happy to help !



  • IamFit

    I was looking for this info for a long time..and i found it..Thanks !!

  • Radha

    Wow, nice collection. S health, the Samsung health app, comes handy while keeping track of the number of steps that you take per day.