5 Smartphone Apps to avoid during workout


Many times people get stick with their mobiles phones and gadgets while working out and after some point of time whines about why their body is not getting the results they worked for. Well its high time to let you guys know that just like studies, your workout also requires focus. Where the focus goes energy flows. Keeping this in mind, their are several social media apps closer to everyone’s heart which should be avoided during workout if you are damn serious about changing your body for the better. Here the list goes.

1. WhatsApp : 

Yes we all are addicted to it and we know that. WhatsApp has made our lives easier. It has changed the way we all text on our mobiles. Well its a great social platform. However this one is the number one on the list of apps to avoid during workout. Never ever use it. The more you use it, the more you will be eager to respond to your friends or group and the more you will lose the crucial time of working out. This app is wonderful but give it break for a while.

2. YouTube :

So you like listening to music, streaming videos, latest gossips, trailers, your favorite series and channels. You love them so much that you always carry them on your mobile and the app for that is  you tube. Again a wonderful entertainer, yet a big distraction. The moment you turn on a video on you tube, most likely you are going to watch it several times between your workouts. It’s a human tendency to see what we hear. Avoid using you tube in order to maintain the flow of your routine.

3. Facebook :

You are at the gym. You are excited. The first things that comes to mind is a CHECK-IN button. Everything is fine till now but wait, Since you have logged in you might have felt a super urge to check your feeds While you are browsing your feeds, you got one new notification. No matter how useless that is  you will still click on it and start facebooking  😛 without realizing that you have come to the gym for a reason. I wish there should be steps to avoid using this social media app but the best one is self-control, develop it if you want to see the results.

4. Twitter:

You always have a big idea, which can be turned into a book. Alas! twitter gave only 140 characters. But wait you didn’t stop at that did you. The world has gone mad just to share their opinion and reviews using the fastest medium possible named twitter. Of course twitter is one of the best social platforms for user interactions, but these interactions are better to be avoided while working out. Focus on why you are at the gym rather than why it is important for you to reply back or re-tweet.

5. Gmails:

People gets more distracted not by males or females around them but by so called emails or gmails. Technologies are developed to make our lives easier not busier. Every now and then people have a habit to check their so called smartphones to view messages or their inbox, knowing that they just glanced it minutes back. Please avoid emails especially from your office unless you are a doctor and have an emergency case.

The workout is for your body and yourself. Please give time to yourself. Let your body knows it belongs to you rather than treating it as a piece of mass taking you from one place to other.

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