App Review – Hydro Coach


Our body consists of 70-80% water. It’s essential to maintain the water content inside our body to keep it hydrated. However most of us due to our different set of priorities are unable to measure the daily intake of water required in our bodies, which eventually leads to lower intake of water hence we face problems like headache, dehydration and more. We do live in age of technology so why not use it in our favour to minimise these issues. There are ample of Smartphone apps to help you cope up with your water level intake and remind you about the same. One such amazing app we are going to talk about is Hydro Coach.

Rated 4.6 on google play store. This App comes with very good user interface plus an easy to use tabs for those who are not tech savvy.  It starts with a simple interactive screen asking you about your habits like sleeping and waking up time, your activity level before recommending the amount of water you should intake on daily basis

Once you have entered the necessary details.Hydro coach will give you gentle reminders of your water intake. The best part of the app is, you can track your daily intake by clicking the Statistics tab.

Also you need not to worry about entering the quantity of water intake. Hydro Coach gives you a simple click and go option to enter the quantity of water you drank as seen below. As you keep using it, you will keep on unlocking your achievements. So go and drink more

If you want to get rid of the advertisements just upgrade to pro version and last but not the least, Hydro Coach is FREE.  Download it and increase your water count.

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  • Rahul

    Will try it out . Looking for such apps . Thanks a ton

  • Priyanka

    I am using it. It’s great and effective. love the UI

  • Irwin

    I drink lot of water already. Do i need it?

    • You may not need it. But no harm in having one. Try it to find out

  • Wanderer

    Agree that water is needed. But why depend on Apps.

    • It’s because of our lifestyle and our access to smartphones. Let’s make use of technology for the better.