Health Supplements to keep you on track

Not having a proper food is nothing new for the modern day working class. Most of us skip breakfast to arrive early at the office. Refrain from drinking water. Eat half of the lunch. Drink soft drinks to digest  food, moreover order a burger or pizza to fill the appetite. The food we eat during our day is not rich enough to power the body system in woking efficiently . Therefore there are some health supplements you should take on daily basis to bridge the gap between your healthy living and efficient working. Here goes the list.

Multi-Vitamins :


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We all know this one. Still lot of people miss this out in their daily plan of action. The best way to have it, is to keep it in your carry bags, purse or wallets, as a  reminder incase you forget to ingest it. The best part of multivitamins are, it doesn’t have any such harmful side effects instead it contains zinc, selenium and calcium for proper body functioning and has cancer protective effects.

Probiotics :


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Remember Yogurt? Remember that good bacteria in your yogurt (Also found in your intestine), you studied in your class which strengthen your immune system and enhance health. It’s time to be friend with him. Including yogurt, milk and soy beverages into your diet will effectively work better for your immune system and gut health.

Fish Oil :


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Care about your brain and heart health? The most crucial functioning part of our body. Consider including fish oil into your dietplan. Fish Oil is extremely  beneficial if you are highly active and sporty person as it help to recover fast from sports injuries.

Vitamin D :


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Answer this – Which vitamin is prepared naturally by our body when exposed to sunlight. Yes, you got it right it’s Vitamin D. However for most of us, our lifestyle refrain us to work outdoors. Recent studies have shown the declining rate of Vitamin D in  children and working professionals. Therefore it is recommended to intake rich source of Vitamin D like salmon, eggs and skim milk. Deficiency of which may result in Dementia (memory loss), cardiovascular disease and Schizophrenia.