Weight loss vs Fat loss and the myth behind them

These two terms although used most frequently. However only handful among us knows the exact definition or difference between the two. Weight loss and fat loss are by far the two different terms in context of medical science and physical fitness. let’s know more about weight loss vs fat loss.


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Weight Loss : In simple words weight loss is the loss of a person’s body mass. Which may includes loss of muscle mass, fat, body fluid or tissues. Intentional weight loss happen when a person reduces the intake of food and fluid like crash diets which results in the loss of muscle mass and body fluid inside the body hence weight loss or it may happen due to prolonged disease or sickness.

Fat Loss : As the name suggests, fat loss is the lowering of person’s body fat or the fat content in his/her body. The healthy percentage as per medical science is 10% body fat for men and 15% for women. Fat loss happens when your body metabolic rate increase due to exercises  like weight training and cardiowhich burns calories accompanied by a good healthy diet.


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It is better not to mixup fat loss with your weight loss as most likely what you are losing in your body due to reduction in your weight may not be the desired fat loss you are targeting. Just by eating less or crash dieting which reduces your body fluid and muscle mass doesn’t really mean that you have lost the fat in your body as it reflects in your weight loss.  You should never rely on weighing scale if you are targeting fat loss.

Let’s say, you have lost 5 pounds or kilos. It doesn’t really mean that you have lost 5 pounds of body fat. It may also be the result of loss of body fluid or muscle loss. Hence using weight loss as a measure of fat loss is totally incorrect.

Tip : If you are targeting fat loss. As most of us do. It is recommended that you should consult your physician for proper diet plan and switch to exercising like weight training or cardio or even swimming. However starving yourself by skipping meals and eating less will just result in the loss of muscle mass not the fat and is very unhealthy way of controlling your fat.