Is your workout partner, a perfect life partner?


Having that pumped up aesthetic physique with the right curves feels good after every rep. you do at the gym. But the adrenaline really starts to flow through your veins when you workout with your long term workout or gym partner of opposite sex.  If you are going to the gym for quite sometime, you now understand the importance of workout partner. Your workout partner not only help you lift weights but also provide you a good motivational boost when you are feeling low. On the best side of it, there are high chances that your workout partner can be your perfect life partner, you might be dreaming of throughout your life. Here are some qualities which supports this fact.

1. Your partner understands you well :

Sweating it out together and bearing the pain of progress. Your partner know your limits well. He knows what works for you and what not. The sharing of experience and exchange of  feelings speaks a lot about the person’s behaviour, which is essential in understanding each other.


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2.  A good cook is a great turn ON :

The best body is a result of great diet and exercise. Therefore the one who sweats more at the gym also work hard at the kitchen to match the level of appetite. As such outside food will not do much good to him. Therefore the one who workout well cooks well. In short bodybuilders are a good cook at heart. Who doesn’t love to be served with a good meal every day especially when it’s your own partner.


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3. Couple who sweat together, stay together :

This one is a stone cold fact. The couple who sweat together, stay happy and healthy together. There is no denying the fact that people with similar set of interests and hobbies stick to each other longer than the one with different lifestyle and interests.


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4. Work as a team – Great team player :

Being a workout partner, it is easy for you to understand the meaning of team work. No matter how strong you are,  there is always one rep that cries out for support of your partner. The ability to understand each other and work together as a team give a sense of mental support, which is essential in building strong relationship.

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5. Focused and goal oriented:

People who workout hard, knows where they want to go, they are willing to suffer the pain of progress to reach their desired goals. Meeting the same person in life who understand your journey gives a sense of comfort on personal front which many fails to understand. If you have that partner who understand your journey and goals- Voila! you got this one right.

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