Tone your arms in this simple 15 minutes workout

Want to give definition to your arms. That shapely and attractive muscle look every single person aspire for. Well your search ends here. Get this workout done four to six times a week and add that pair of shapely arms into your armor . Click the link to know the workout and tone your arms.

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  • Its awesome! to gain sexiest arms and also make them strongest. But i have some confusion with the brand. What is your favorite brand and all kinds of weights? I’m not sure whether to get the dumbbells or neoprene type handle.

    Thank You!

    • Aamir Khan

      I also admire sexy arms. But to have that in shape, volume is always required. Therefore before cutting its always better to expand the biceps and make them bigger. I am using Creatine and ON whey protein for the gain and believe me its doing wonders. For the shape i prefer dumbbells over the bars. As per my trainer use of light weights with more repetitions will give sexy definition to your arms. The post mentioned the same set of exercises which i do for the cutting (though the last one is for shoulders). The Mantra here is for Volume – heavy weights with bars and dumbbells and for cutting light weights with dumbbells and more repetitions. That’s my take !!

      Thank You !