OMG-STOP following these weight management plans


Many of us wants to get that needle indicator on that perfect number, the belt on that perfect hole and the waist one could dream of. We read books , hit the gym, control our food habits or consult a doctor in order to get rid of extra pounds we have gained. Weight management in this fast food world has definitely become a tough task to maintain. Few skips at the gym or few days off diet make us closer to where we started off. As such in hurry to manage our weight we usually tend to follow few practices which we think are benefiting us but in a longer run those activities may take a U-turn. Therefore you must be aware of certain activities not to be followed on your way towards weight management.

1.  Sudden change of food intake

 This is the most common mistake many of us do who just decide to lose weight before going to bed and on next day avoid eating whatever they see. Nothing to blame here. The only thing one must consider while doing so is that your mind and body is accustomed to your pattern of eating as such sudden decision of changing food intake or reducing it drastically may turn your body in disarray. The body will be weakened considering your lower calorie intake plus on the other side your craving for eating more will tend to rise. You will end up eating more than your regular intake. Avoid this habit as soon as possible.

2. Only focusing on Cardio

One morning you wake up and hit the gym. The one thing you came across was a beautiful machine with digitized numbers and a platform where you stand and run the marathon of your life . Finally you fell in love with the machine and the only thing you did was run-run until your heart skips a beat and your T-shirt died of sweat. STOP doing that !

Running is definitely a good way to lose weight, however running only on a treadmill will not help you lose weight the way you want to. On the other side it may weaken your joints if you keep on running without much change in your workout plan. Its way better to mix your cardio with weight training. Weight training will not only strengthen your muscles but also burn calories way faster then the single cardio workout. If you follow proper workout plan mix with these two training programs not only you will be able to control your weight but also build muscle mass and  increase your metabolic rate.

3. Skipping Sleep

Making time for workout from your tight schedule is definitely worth respecting, however sacrificing sleep for that matter is never recommended. If you are in the process of strengthening your body or losing weight it is imperative that you sleep well. Sleeping will help greatly in healing your body and restore your energy for the next day. Skipping sleep will make you restless and affect your metabolism. So Stop watching Soap Operas you can live without and those video games which you can play after attainment of  your goal.

4. Exercising on an Empty Stomach –

If you are a regular gym guy or girl and working out is part of your routine. It is highly recommended that you should have something before you start your workout. This is so because your body needs fuel to burn while you working out, if you go on an empty stomach, the body use the stored crabs and muscle mass not fat. As such it is better to have something before hitting your workout which also helps in avoiding early fatigue.

In a nutshell, take proper knowledge and guidance from the physician or trainer before take off. Also be patient. Wishing you all a very healthy life! 🙂