Top 3 Combo workouts for upper body strength


Every time before going to the gym, most of you have that workout in mind which you will be doing at the gym that focuses on your specific body part. Be it your Chest day on Monday or Legs day on Saturday. Fixing a schedule like this does improve your regular workout routine and give you the desired results. Once you are comfortable with your daily routine and in a position to go for intense workouts. You have reached a level of performing combo heavy duty workouts on a single day. Which involves concentrating on two body parts on single day. It does require lot of hard work but if mixed properly, the results are wonderful. Being a gym geek, keeping this in mind and from my experience, here is the list of Top 3 Combo workouts which will help you gain the maximum during combo workout sessions. These body parts are the perfect mix of exercise for strength gain.

1. Shoulders and Triceps

One of the best combo workout I have ever encountered is the shoulder-triceps combo. Pumping your delts and triceps on single day will do wonders for your upper torso. Of course being the best is also the toughest. This combo will drain you a lot. The best way to get this done is to have a short meal before the workout. Eat boiled eggs and peanut butter before performing this session with gap of 25-30 minutes between your meal and workout.

2. Back and Biceps

The second combo that you can go for is your back and biceps. Both involves movement of different muscles in the body so you won’t be that tired compared to shoulder-triceps workout. The key here is to go for back workout first than biceps because your back will require movement of your arms, so save that evergy in biceps by performing back first.

3. Chest and Abs

One of the most favorite combo workouts for many gym geeks. This combo will kick your adrenalin to the top level. Pumping chest followed by abs will let you know the shape of your upper body which you will be acquiring in coming future. Just observe your body after this workout. You will know where your body is heading in terms of upper torso growth.

In addition to these combos I will recommend you to perform 5 sets each of both the exercises in single day. Like when you are going for Chest-Abs combo, you should go for 5 sets of chest one after other with minimum breaks in between followed by 5 sets of abs one after other. Following this routine will build your strength in best possible time and not to mention,  stick to the diet as recommended by your trainer to get optimum results.