Why you should not go to gym?

Every new year we make a list of resolutions. For many people going to the gym is always on top of the list. Starting it on high note, everyone does an awesome start but few weeks down the line the so called resolution list hits the dustbin and our so called plan for the year went for a toss. Well don’t worry. Here is what I am saying, it is perfectly OK not to go to the gym and infact you shouldn’t because if you start going to the gym and make it a habit, these things will happen to you. Be aware of them !

1.  It makes you fit:

Yup, nothing new right. More you inclined towards healthy lifestyle, the more fit and healthy you become. Going to the gym is no different. So until you hate being a fit ass. You better avoid gym.

2. You will get more confident :

The more you challenge yourself, the better you become. The more you face fear, the more fearless you become. Gym is one such place where one can test his limits and master strengths.Overtime you realize going to the gym not only boost muscles but also results in building your self confidence. Look yourself in to the mirror before and after working out .Though you will be tired but still you know you did something better for yourself. Keep doing it and after few months you will see a new self confident person in the mirror. But if you still wish to stay where you are you should not go to the gym

3. You will find like minded people :

It’s been said you will reach your goals earlier than expected if you have a team who believe and work towards similar goals. The same goes with the gym, with time you will meet like minded people with similar goals as yours. This will helps you accelerate in your goal towards building a fit physique and it also builds a strong network of people overtime which again is an added advantage up on your sleeves. Again if you like to work alone and does not believe in team work you should not go to the gym.

4. People will start following you :

Here is the thing, the more you work on yourself, the better you become. Once the people start noticing change in you Bingo ! you start getting traction. The word about you being fit, spreads like fire in the jungle. So unless you have a wish to live in solitude. You should not go to the gym

5. You will become resilient and embrace pain :

Most of the people avoid going to gym because of the pain they get at the end of it. Well nothing can be achieved being in comfort zone. Those who focus on the end result will develop the ability to survive the hard work and become more resilient because they are clear that pain is for good. Pain tests you, it breaks you in order to make you a better than what you are. Athletes and bodybuilders embrace pain because they know it’s for their good. So if you hate being in pain which ultimately makes you a better being, you should not go to the gym.

6. Ultimately you will break and exceed your limits :

Here’s the thing. The more you embrace pain and realize that every destination has a journey. The point from where you started and the day you reach your goal to be fit and healthy. You won’t be the same person. Because the journey itself shaped you and made you a person who believes in breaking limits and challenging himself for the better. Gym make you realize that you are more than what you think and at the end of it you will break and exceed your limits. Again if like to stay where you are and very happy about it,  you should not go to the gym.

There is a long list which can go along with it. But let’s stick to these key points and think of more excuses why we should avoid going to the gym

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