Myth Busted -Does protein stored as fat?

Think bodybuilding, think protein – The vital ingredient for your muscles. Protein comes with bundle of benefits. It provides you with essential calories, helps your body in growing, repairing or replacing tissues. Protein is not stored directly in the body, it breakdown into amino acids during digestion and then supplied to the body. The question here. Does protein stored as fat in the body?

The answer is a Yes and No. It depends on a person’s activity level and his/her daily protein intake. If you are working out at the gym or involved in strength or intense training, your protein intake will be more than an average person requirement. Hence when the person with high activity level take protein (as per his requirement) it is supplied to the body in the form of amino acids, any excess of that is still stored as amino acids in the body until it is used again by the body. On the other hand, for an average person (having a sedentary lifestyle or light activity level) take protein as per his lifestyle no harm is done. Usually body never store protein but convert it into amino acids and use it as required. But if a person keeps on taking high dosage of protein which exceeds the requirement. The body has no choice but to store it as a fat. Only then protein is stored as fat inside the body.

Remember excess of everything is bad, Protein is no different. Be fit, be aware, be healthy !

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