5 Things To Start your Day with

Happy morning

Happy morningLot of conversations going around, How a person should start a day with positivity in mind which will keep him/her motivated throughout the day. What are the early morning activities one should follow to better his/her day. Well the good news is, those activities are not tough to find or follow. Make them part of your lifestyle and see the change of positivity you have been waiting for. Here is the list of top 5 Things To Start your Day with :

1. Exercise:

Yes, you might have heard it every time. But still your lazy ass is stuck to the bed. It’s high time for you to realize and implement your readings, which in a way will change your lifestyle for the better. Exercise is one of the best thing or tool for your whole body which makes a positive shift in your mood. A good exercise makes a healthy body, a healthy body increase performance and fight stress. Keep this in mind when you feel tired or lazy next morning to exercise your body and make it fit and healthy for a better start.

2. Healthy Breakfast :

It’s high time to take notice of what you are eating at the breakfast. Breakfast is fuel for the day. A healthy and fresh breakfast helps you to work faster and eliminate tension and morning stress. With busy schedules that we all have, many times we skip breakfast. Well that’s the worst thing you can do for yourself. Ever ran a car on an empty tank. NO! The same goes with breakfast. Skipping breakfast will impact your metabolic system (your engine) and yes your activity level is bound to decrease as the day progresses. So never ever skip your morning meal. This is what you are doing for so many years. Now follow it religiously and keep track of food you eat.

3. Planner of the day :

How your day sounds? What’s up in your mind? In simple words : What exercise is for your body, Planner is for your brain. If you don’t know what you planned for the day, then you will be controlled by the events happening around you. Take control of your life by first planning out what you are going to do for the next 24 hrs of your life. Plan ahead, plan smart. More you involve yourself in this daily activity. Better will be your life.

4. Smile and laugh

Smile as if your life depends on it. Sounds crazy but this stuff works all the time. Look in the mirror now and make a sad face. How you feel? Now change your expression and smile or laugh. Now how are you feeling? Did you notice the difference? Make it a habit to smile and laugh your hearts out whenever that moment comes. Smile is the best medicine which keeps you away from stress and makes you happy all day.

5. Network :

The world has turned so busy, nobody has time for anybody. Being stuck with work is like a trending lifestyle. This attitude has suppressed our innate ability to communicate as a human. Being stuck with self results in increase stress levels and a negative attitude. We are born to network and share. The more we engage with positive people around us, the more we grow. Remember to say ‘Hi’ to your next door neighbour or the person you see every time in the elevator. Start talking and greeting people. Your day will become joyful !

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