Why are you not losing fat? Story of brown fat versus white fat

So you are trying hard to get rid of that extra flab in your body.  The start was tough but you kept the momentum going and lost some pounds within few weeks. Feeling excited, you pushed harder again repeating your efforts for the next several times but the result this time is far below expectations. The percentage of fat loss happened now is considerably lower than what happened during first few weeks.

Nothing to be worried of, the same happened or happening to many people who are in the process of losing fat. Before getting demotivated you should know why are you not losing fat? To answer that first you should know the type of fat stored inside your body. These are White fat and Brown fat. It’s brown fat versus white fat.

White fat :

White fat is a type of adipose fat stored under your skin and around body organs. White fat generally occurs when the intake of calories is surplus than the amount of  calories burned. This is the fat which you would like to burn during your workout plan.

Brown fat :

Mostly found in newborns. Again a type of adipose fat. Brown fat can be found near neck and shoulder area. Brown fat is more closer to muscles than white fat. It is known to provide warmth and generate heat in the body. Found in abundance in hibernating mammals. The one you will love to have.

When you start working out , most likely your metabolism rate will rise accompanied by increased calories burning which automatically trigger the loss of fat inside your body. During this process, you are most likely to burn brown body fat along with little white fat to get that energy going inside your body. Therefore when your body gets the initial workout boost, it’s the brown fat that burns quickly to save you from exhaustion and hence you might see a quick weight loss in first few weeks.

However this may not be the end goal you wanted to achieve when you started working out. The end goal is to lean your body right from reducing weight and burning fat. This goal can only be achieved when you burn white fat stored under your skin which takes time since it is formed because of higher calorie intake so you can only get rid of it by burning more calories.

Therefore the best is to keep working on it, do not stick to the same routine. Change your workout pattern and set of exercise from time to time. Do not just stick with cardio. Go and lift some  weights and never quit! It may take time but eventually you will get there.

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