7 Things that make your Sunday Special

There are 7 days in a week but the only day we all look forward to is our favourite Sunday. Sunday is the day reserved for many occasions or pending activities. Either we plan for long sleeping hours or an entertainment with our dear friends. Watching a movie or trying a favourite restaurant. Sunday is here to stay as most blessed day of our lifetime. To make your Sunday even more special you must try these things out, which most of us are unable to work on weekdays due to hectic schedule. The list goes as :

1. Jogging : Knowing that you don’t have to go to office and have ample time on hand. Rather than sleeping, just pull up your socks, wear your tracks and hit the park or road for a swift jog. Jogging in the early morning will not only give you a fresh start but also helps in boosting your health.

2. Drink more water : Let us admit, most of us because of our lifestyle have reduced the intake of drinking water as recommended by science. This is the time to make it a habit and build some discipline in ourselves for the better. Drinking adequate water will keep you hydrated and let your skin glows. Don’t miss on that glow part, it really works. Drink at least 3-4 ltrs of water daily starting Sunday. Make your Sunday special.

3. Eat more Salad and Fruits : We spend our weekends mostly eating fast foods. Let’s admit, most of our weekends goes like that, feeling sleepy and lazy on sunday we order pizza, fries or burger with a bottle of cold drink. Avoid making it a habit, Rather eat naturally , add more salads and fruits to your diet. Nourish your body, make it better. Put the right fuel in the tank to run the engine for long.

4. Laugh a lot : This one sounds familiar, however we miss on this one because of the stress we face in our work and life. We forgot to enjoy the simple moments in our life. Let your Sunday reminds you of that. Do the stuff you like, follow your hobby on coming Sunday, if you like cooking but cannot find time, do it on Sunday. Watch a comic movie, let go of stress. You live only once.

5. Meet and Greet people: This should be done often, but being busy is the new trend these days. It’s been taken by default as busy means hard working. Nothing like that, Always network with people. Sunday is the best time to call your closer buddy, your old friend, cousin or family members. Get in touch with them. They are the one we grew up with. We share special moments with them. Make a call, both sides will be free on Sunday. Have a good talk. If done from heart this activity will do wonders.

6.  Follow your passion : We don’t have much time on hands throughout the year. Either we will be busy initiating a new project or meeting a deadline. But as the saying goes time waits for none. Therefore take a time out to follow what you really love and what actually makes you happy even if it consumes your Sunday, you will still feel energetic and love doing it. Follow your passion.

7. Learn new things : It’s critical that you keep upgrading your software called as brain. The only way to keep it active is to feed the right set of information and knowledge that is useful for you in both short and long run. Make a habit to learn things which have a positive impact on your brain and body. Read books of your favourite subject. Go out and explore. It’s the thing we do when we are free counts the most than the one done under supervision of higher authority or boss.

Hope you find this article useful. Start small but be consistent. Make your Sunday Shine. If  you find this article useful please leave your comments below in the comment section.

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