15 best Hollywood physique ever built- Male Version 1.0

If we are woking on to build a good physique, more likely most of us are inspired by the celebrities we admire or  the fitness models we follow. Here is the list of very hot and superb hollywood physique ever build . Remember all it takes is a serious amount of hard work and dedication.

1. Jason Statham :

Remember the Transporter. Well he not only drives well but also workout hard as hell. Jason Statham



2. Jerrald Butler:

Remember the spartans. The adrenalin rush of 300. Here’s the King of Sparta.



3. Ryan Reynolds:

From lean to muscular physique. You can see his hard work from the movie “Blade Trinity”.

4.  Taylor Lautner:

Remember the wolf in Twilight, flashing his 6 pack abs.



5.  Dwane johnson :

The ROCK is back. Well the name is enough .



6. Chris Hemsworth:

Thor the Demigod. One of the Avengers played by the actor Chris Hemsworth. See his amazing transformation for the role



7. Chris Evans:

Talking about the Avengers and best hollywood physique. We cannot afford to miss this guy with super awesome transformtion



8. Daniel Craig:

The bond will always be the cool, intelligent guy, but if you add aesthetic body to it. He will be unbeatable.


9.  Arnold Schwarzenegger :

Since his appearance in Conan, Mr. Olympia has always been the best in class bodybuilder of all time and has the best hollywood physique of his time.



10. Hugh Jackman : The X-Men Wolverine is the beast among all.



11. Henry Cavill :

Performing high intensity workout for the movie “Superman”. Henry Cavill transformed himself into a superhero with super charm and strength.



12. Tom Hardy :

No words for his awesome transformations of body, right from the movie Warrior to the Bane of Dark Knight Rises.



13. Sylvester Stallone:

The 63 years old has the muscles which makes even a 19 years old feel shy. Right from his appearance in Rocky, Sylvester has always rocked the movie industry and performed a world class roles.



14. Chris Pratt :

Full marks for his amazing transformation from fat to fit. Watch this pic to see the difference.



15. Cam Gigandet :

Looking for all muscle no fat body type. You might just wanna follow this celebrity to the core. Watch for “Never back down” where Cam flaunts his awesome lean body for MMA fights.



Comment below and tell us which is your favourite celebrity.