What to eat & drink when you are traveling


So you planned a beautiful trip to an awesome destination. Google all the information about the routes, the place to visit, the special stuff to buy and the weather reports. Everything is set and packed clothes, boots, caps, sunglasses, the face cream and your tickets. Whatever travel we plan, the one  thing that worry us the most – Food. The type of food we get right from boarding the flight to the time we spent on our holiday destination. Be it Indian, Continental, Chinese or Mexican. The taste varies with the places we travel. As such it is imperative that we must have something in our store to feed  us while we enjoy vacations without worrying about our stomach. Here is a quick list of stuff to be taken along, they will keep you nourished and healthy no matter where ever you go.


1. Dried fruits:

To avoid that extra stuff in your baggage and the fear of expiration of your packed food. We highly recommend that you keep dried food like almonds, cashews and raisins along with you. They are not just healthy but also keep you energized during your trip by providing you with good amount of calories.


2. Fruits :

Of course most of you are aware of this one. Fruits, the refreshing and delicious thing nature has ever gifted to us. But wait, we are not telling you to keep fruits packed on your check-in baggage. The key here is to eat fruits on-the-go where ever you find them. Fruits like banana and apple are must in the list. Also keep an eye on grapefruits, a rich source of Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system


3. Healthy Protein Bar :

Protein are essential nutrients for human body. It gives you strength and ability to perform tasks that once seems impossible. Taking protein power and protein snacks might be a tedious job if you are going for a long vocational trip. Protein bars comes handy for that matter. Just buy from nearby grocery store and you are good to go.


4. Water :

Looking for a miraculous drink. Well water is the only miraculous drink as per humans are considered. It is very important to stay hydrated during flights and travel. Lack of water in the body cause headache, muscle cramps, fatigue and stress. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout your journey.

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