Avoid these 4 unhealthy food habits you are following regularly


Having a fit and healthy body is everyone’s dream. But to achieve that, it requires a true discipline, not only in terms of workouts but also diet. “You are what you eat” this phrase perfectly define whole meaning of food for the body. Whatever we take inside will reflect outside. Here to give you an insight of unhealthy food habits you might be unaware of. It’s time to eliminate these habits from your lifestyle.

1. Skipping breakfast :

This is the worst habit one can have. Skipping your breakfast means losing your energy for the whole day. Your body require energy to perform uncountable tasks throughout the day. The major source which supplies you the energy to carry out those tasks is your breakfast. A healthy breakfast not only keeps you  fit but also helps you to perform your work efficiently. Having a habit of skipping breakfast will ruin your health and work life in the longer run. Avoid doing it.

2. Heavy dinner :

It’s been said, Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Beggar. The problem with today’s generation is, most of them skips breakfast and take a heavy dinner while the true plan is actually the opposite. Since you will be performing many activities in the morning so a good healthy breakfast is must, as the days goes down your activities level also get reduced and after the dinner time, it’s the lowest. Taking a heavy meal during dinner will result in improper digestion which also results in the increase of belly due to lack of physical activity.

3. Lack of fluid intake :

Our body consists of 80% water. Be it summer, spring or any season we cannot survive long without drinking water and other fluids like juices and health drinks. We do take our meals, but most of us neglect the liquid content in our diet. Our body needs liquid drinks to keep the body hydrated and also to digest the nutrients quickly. Only focusing on food will not fulfill your nutrition needs completely, infact lack of water intake may result in the formation of stones inside the kidneys. Therefore do include liquid in your daily diet. Always drink 3-4 lts of water daily to keep your body hydrated.

4. Relying on fast foods :

Feeling hungry, take a burger, eat fries, have potato chips. Habits like these do fulfill our stomach for the moment, but it will affect our appetite badly in the longer run. First of all relying on fast food is definitely not a good idea. Secondly, eating fast food does not provide you with sufficient nutrients as recommended. Of course it give you high calories to match up your daily calorie intake but you need to burn those calories to stay fit. That cannot happen just by eating fast food and doing nothing. Stop relying on them and stop making them as part of your meals- lunch or dinner. Having once or twice a month is fine but not everyday.

Stay fit, Stay Healthy!