Top 3 Protein supplements for workout

‘Protein shakes’ is the most common term you might have heard when you started working out. Being an essential ingredient for our body growth, protein helps us to cope up with our fitness lifestyle providing enough stamina and energy to break our limits. Taken along with a well planned diet protein supplements provides good nutritional boost. Considering this in mind choosing the right brand and right protein supplement is critical. There are ample number of brands available in the market to choose from. However here is the list of top 3 protein supplements I have personally used and recommending to you who wants to build a good healthy physique.

1. ON Whey – Gold Standard :

On-100-Whey-Gold-Standard-SDL895088696-1-92974One of the best protein supplement I have ever used. Whey protein isolates are the primary ingredient of  ON whey protein. The good part is, it digests rapidly and is a rich source of amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery as well. Each serving contains 24 gms of whey protein with minimal level of fat and cholesterol .

Tip : If taste bothers you go for chocolate flavor.

You can buy it  here : USA     India

2. ESN Lean core mass :

ESN-Lean-Core-Mass-5-SDL568869558-1-b0690Almost impossible to get this one. 90 percent of time this product will be out of stock. ESN Lean core mass by Energy Sports Nutrition is the most effective protein I have used it to build lean muscle mass. Though it is bit thick and quite a challenge to finish it up, but it’s very effective in serving the purpose. Each serving contains 33 gms protein, 59 gms carbs and a low content of fat and dietary fiber.

 You can buy it here: India

3. Muscletech Masstech Performance Supplement :

masstechIf you think your supplement is not able to fulfill your protein appetite .Well here is what you need to buy. Mass-tech has more protein, better calories & bigger results. One serving contains close to 63 gms of protein with water and 80 gms with milk. That’s a high protein content per serving. In addition, it provides 1170 calories along with 13 gms BCAA and 10 gms of creatine for muscle growth and recovery.  If you are serious  about mass building. You should definitely try this out.

You can buy it here : USA   India

 These are one of the best set of proteins I have used so far as part of my fitness regime. If you are  a beginner and looking for gain, I suggest to go for ON Whey protein first. Always look for authenticity of the product and  as a rule always use branded supplements.