Get your energy back. Top 4 energy foods you should eat

Do you feel tired after work or during? Is the lack of energy taking toll on your health. Worry not, just include these energy foods into your diet and get that lost energy back in your body again.

1. Boiled Vegetables:

All you need is water and green leafy vegetables. Rather than cooking them and destroying the essential nutrients, just boil them for few minutes and take a bite towards fitter you.

2. Boiled Chicken :

Chicken contains one of the best content known for strengthening your muscles and providing you with overall fit body. We call it protein. If you do not have enough time on hand to do the cooking, better option is to go for boiled chicken pieces, which not only make it safer for eating but also provides you with good supply of protein.


3. Fruit Shakes:

Need energy with great taste. Best to go for fruit shakes. One of the best and quickest source of energy. The best among them is Banana shake. Banana being a super nutritional food with carbs will nourish you in no time. You can also try mango, watermelon and guava shakes.

4. Salad:

We talk about it everyday. Knows its nutritional value, Still feel lazy to even prepare this simple serving. All you need is a bunch of green leafy vegetables and a bundle of fruits (if you wish). You can either take them raw or boil them as per your taste, but salad by far makes the best food with dietary fibres and nutrients.