Top 3 tennis ball biceps workout

From amateur to bodybuilder, if there’s one common muscle one love to flex are the biceps. One of the most important part of our limbs. Biceps are the muscles which helps to connect forearm with our shoulders. The aesthetic part of biceps are the round circular muscle formation which even the top bodybuilder wants to have in their fitness arsenal. Here are the top 3 tennis ball biceps workouts which surely give you insane pump alongwith the round muscles.

1. Preacher Curls : 



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One of the top rated biceps workout, preacher curls target the exact area of tennis ball muscles. Sit on a preacher curl bench and workout with barbell with weights. Add weights to the range which you can flex and compress to the fullest. Do not overweigh the barbell,  too much of heavy weights will not give you desired results. The idea is to complete 3 sets of 12-15 each. Add weight as you complete a set. Remember to pause and squeeze your biceps at the top position before flexing it to initial position.

2. Concentration Curls :


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The second best in the list are concentration curls. All you need is a bench to sit and a dumbbell. Sit upright on one end of the bench, hold the dumbbell and tilt your body bit sideways. Remember to place your triceps tightly against your thigh for better results. Bring the dumbbell up and squeeze , then slowly bring it to initial position. Concentration curls for round ball biceps are meant to be done with light weights for better shape. Complete 3 sets of 12-15 reps each.

3.  Biceps Pull Ups :



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One of the best bodyweight workout for biceps. No extra weight required (unless you are a pro). All you need is to pull yourself up and squeeze your biceps at the top with your body in a straight position. Try to do this exercise as many count as possible, more you perform this workout , more arm strength you will gain and hence aesthetic biceps.