Beginner lessons for aesthetic biceps


A beginner who enter the gym with lots of enthusiasm to work on his body in order to keep it in shape, always dreamt of working on his arms to give it an aesthetic look and the attention he can receive since arms are the most exposed part of the body, especially the front part as we call it Biceps. Whether it’s about making big biceps for boys or toning it up to eliminate the extra fat for girls. Biceps are indeed an area most people work upon at the gym. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the most effective workouts for beginners to get the biceps of their dreams.

1. Barbell Curl 

This one is the most basic and the most effective exercise specially focused on biceps. This workout not only helps you burn the extra fat in your arms but also tone you up with those pumping nerves. All you need is a straight iron rod called barbell. Add appropriate weights- (5kg each for boys and only barbell weight for girls, to start with). Stand firm with your back straight and legs shoulder width apart. Hold the barbell with both hands in line with your shoulders.  Lift up and squeeze your biceps, hold it for a sec and stretch down full length. Repeat the same 3 sets with 15 reps each. If you are comfortable then keep adding weights after each set in consistent order.

2. Alternate Dumbbell Press 

In comparison to Barbell curl, this exercise will focus on dumbbell weights on each biceps. You can do it sitting or standing postures (Standing with light weights and sitting with heavy weights). Here we will be explaining the exercise with standing posture for beginner level. The position is exactly same as we did for Barbell curl. The only difference are the dumbbells and alternate curling. Start with your right hand and squeeze your biceps when it reaches the top, while doing this hold the other dumbbell, same weight on your left hand fully stretched. Once you bring down the right arm, repeat the same step with your left arm. That will be counted as one rep. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each. Remember to take no more than 30 seconds breaks in between the sets.

3. Concentration Dumbbell Curls 

The best workout for toning and getting the ball shaped biceps are the concentration dumbbell curls. This one should be done in sitting posture. Sit on a bench with your legs apart, hold the dumbbell in one arm, let’s start with right arm first. Fix the elbow of your right arm firmly with your right leg. This is important as your arm should not swing while you do your reps. Stretch your arm straight and start squeezing your biceps as you bring it up. Repeat 15 reps and then switch to other arm. Remember to keep your back straight when you perform this exercise.

4. Dumbbell Hammer Curl 

This workout will help you tone and give necessary volume to your arms. This exercise should be performed in standing position. The  posture will be same as we did for alternate dumbbell press, the only difference here is you need to hold the dumbbell as a hammer with your thumb pointing upwards. Repeat the workout in alternate fashion. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each. Start with 5 kg dumbbell for boys and 2kg for girls. Increase the weight of dumbbell after each set to get maximum effect.

5. Preacher Barbell Curl

This exercise will give the finishing touch to your biceps. It helps in pumping and mould your biceps into perfect tennis ball shape. You need to have a preacher and an  EZ bar to perform this exercise. Sit on the preacher bench. Wide grip hold the EZ bar. Fix your triceps to the base of preacher. Completely stretch your arms holding the bar, squeeze them while bringing up to your neck level. Repeat this workout 3 sets 15 reps each. Boys should preferably start with 5 Kg plates while girls should start with just the EZ bar.

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Perform this workout as part of your Biceps routine for a month before mixing it with other variety of exercises. Do let us know how effective this workout is for your body.