Top 5 made for home exercises

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So you are busy completing your work before the deadline expires. Everyday you see yourself and wish to make a change in your body. The idea of gym, yoga or running excites you but your tight schedule prevents you from going ahead with the plan or maybe you feel so lazy and tired to even go and join such clubs promoting health and fitness. No worries, if you are really serious to work on yourself their is always a way out. No need to hit the gym or join fitness clubs, just follow these Top 5 made for home exercises and kick-start your journey towards fitness and well being. These exercises are also useful for beginners who are looking to start-off with a basic routine.

1. Push-Ups :

One of the well known and useful exercises for your body. If you are looking to build your chest and triceps this is the one exercise you can count upon. Start with medium push-ups with your hands parallel to your shoulders. Once you start getting the grip and able to do 20-30 reps in one go. You can try wide push-ups with your hands spread bit far from your shoulders and then go for diamond dips (diamond dips strengthen and build your triceps).

2. Sit-Ups :

This is one of the best exercise to develop your abdominal muscles and strengthen your hip area. Buy a good quality mat to perform this exercise. Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Cross arms around your chest. Raise your body and aim towards your knees. Try to touch your knees with each rep. Once your are able to do that. Repeat 3 sets of 20 each per day, when you feel comfortable doing it, go for intense level by hiring a coach or taking proper guidance.

3. Squats :

It’s the most powerful lower body exercise, helps in strengthening your thighs, hip muscles and shape your buttocks. It’s the easiest exercise to perform but the hardest one to follow on daily basis. Stand up-right with your arms stretched parallel to the floor. Keep your legs shoulder width apart. Bend your knees until your thighs reach parallel to the floor stay there for 3 seconds and comes back up to same position. Try to start with 20 reps in one go. Once you master this move. Do 3 sets of 20 each, with 30 sec break in between each set. If you decided to go pro with weights join a fitness club or gym.

4. Pull-Ups :

The most effective yet rarely done exercise even by regular gym goers. If you are serious about your body fitness. This exercise is definitely not to be missed out and to be done regularly without excuse. All you need is a solid iron bar to be fitted in your room wall or garden. Just hold a wide grip and keep pulling your body until your chin touches the iron bar. If you are not able to perform the task keep hanging for 30 sec with wide grip and try to pull up until your forearms starts gaining strength. Try to perform 7 reps in one go. Once you are comfortable doing it repeat 3 sets of 12 reps each and increase your count with time.

5. Lunges :

Another great exercise for your lower body. Strengthening your lower body especially your thighs and hip area. Take a little wide step, bend your front knee parallel to the floor. While you are in this position make sure your hips, back and neck are in same alignment. Keep your shoulder intact and parallel to the body. Hold this position for 3 seconds and stand back up. Repeat the same with other leg. Try 20 reps in one go. Once you find it comfortable increase your repetitions.

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