Top 5 silly things you hear when you start working out


Remember the day when you decided to shut up and started working on yourself. Probably you didn’t like what you saw in the mirror. And from there on started a wonderful journey of health and fitness. Of course there were doubts in your mind, you were also hesitant when you first stepped into the gym watching people lifting weights, running on a treadmill and doing cardio. For the moment you might have felt, this thing might not be for you or maybe you won’t be able to match others. Still you believed in yourself and with strong will and determination you took off and surprised all of them nagging around you.

For those who can relate, remember the stupidest and the silliest things told to you by your peers or friends, reasons of not going to gym 😛 . This article is for those who had been through the same situation and those who are at the brink of this condition. Let the newcomers be aware of the same stuff and laugh aloud on the top 5 silly things ever told to a new gym enthusiast before he/she proved all of them wrong on their face.

1. You are weak :

You are weak, you cannot lift weights, you will dehydrate yourself and the list goes on. Are these lines reminds you of the first feedback you might have got when you disclosed your desire to the world. Yes you are weak, but don’t you think that’s the same reason why you want to get started in the first place.

2. OMG you will run on steroids now :

This is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard when I joined the gym. Steroids, seriously? People who say this don’t even know what steroids are. In addition to that, they see protein powder like a big steroid dosage. Remember first, their is no similarity between protein powder and steroids. All you can do is keep calm and work out. Word of Caution : When you start gaining or cutting down you might hear from them more frequently than others.

3. You will have very tough Old age :

You will hear this more often from the people who never went to the gym. How in the world do they know this? Live in the present guys. If you doubt, then search for Manohar Aich (born 17 March 1913) The oldest bodybuilder from India and the first Mr Universe 1952. He is still working out at the age of 101. Doubts removed !

4. Your face will get  squeezed :

Is it better to stay where you are or strive for better? We start working out because we want to improve and feel good about ourselves. Before we start, most of us will be lean or fat. So why care when your goal is to improve your full body. Guess what, when your body improves, you become better and look better. So stop worrying about the people who say this. Technically no one ever got his/her face squeezed, it all depends on the diet and intensity of your workout. What you do, your body reflects.

5. What Gym, focus on your career :

Can you build a good career without a fit body and mind? People who say this, thinks gym is a place for people who has nothing else to do with their lives. Let me tell you this, There are people earning more in fitness industry than they can while working 9-5 job. As per statistics fitness industry generate $27 bn revenue and is growing every year. Learn more about people who are part of this industry and professionals. Jeff seid, Marc Fitt, Kai Greene to name some.

Everyone needs motivation. We are no different ;) Please comment below, motivate us to serve you better.

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